Thank you for your interest in the Oregon Society of Association Management.  We are excited you have come this far!  OSAM is a tremendously valuable organization to those of us in the unique association management profession. OSAM can provide leadership guidance, education, networking opportunities, and MORE.  We are excited for you to get involved!  Membership entitles you to many fantastic benefits that we hope you take full advantage of. 

There are two types of OSAM membership: Association and Allied.  You can apply for Individual membership or Corporate membership within either type.

Corporate memberships have one flat dues amount per organization, regardless of staff size or operational budget. There is an unlimited number of member representatives per corporate member, meaning anyone can attend meetings at the member rate and participate on committees and other association activities.  All you need to do is designate each member representative so we know who they are.  Corporate memberships are per association or location/facility for allied members.  Generally speaking, corporate memberships make the most sense for all organizations, association or allied.  Individual memberships are available in both membership types and for those organizations that have only one or two staff, individual memberships may be the best choice.  Feel free to contact the OSAM office if you'd like to discuss which option may be best for you and your organization.

All memberships and dues are based on your anniversary year (the date you apply and last for one year). 


Association Membership: Corporate: $495 | Individual: $295

Allied Membership: Corporate: $495 | Individual: $350

Download printable OSAM membership application HERE